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IT Services




Pemanent computer monitoring

Continuous operation assurance

Preventive checks

System updates

IT Maintenance


Configuration changes

Employee consultation

Remote Assistance

Assistance on site

Workflow tracking


File and system recovery

Data recovery

Managed Antivirus

Network security



Customer consultations

IT security

IT project management

IT audit


Special pricing

SIMPLIT will give you opportunity to decide which services you want. Pay only for services you really need, choose the scope of maintenance.

Computer maintenance - from 7€ to 35€, Server maintenance - from 35€ to 65€
We offer free auditing for new clients!

Get the best price adapted to your specific business needs

Contac Us




Register problem by phone, email or online.


We are looking for the most effective solution.


We solve the problem in the shortest possible time remotely or on site.


the client.


Problem solved.
Continue to work.


We provide access to self-service systems for our contractual client


  SIMPLIT Helpdesk
will provide You:
  • Register problem without phone call;
  • Sent and receive responds to and from technicians;
  • Know who is respoinsible for your request;
  • Monitor work flow.
SIMPLIT customer portal
You can:
  • See equipment list;
  • Access to Reports;
  • Use remote access tools;
  • Monitor the state of computers.


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